Accuracy of measurement is absolutely necessary in order to secure uniform results. Although greater accuracy can be secured by making all measurements by weight, the average housekeeper is not provided with scales that are sufficiently accurate to make the weighing of small quantities feasible; therefore, the recipes are given with quantities indicated by cup and spoon measurements.

Use a standard measuring cup that holds one half pint. Make all cup and spoon measurements level. Measure a fraction of a cupful or of a spoonful carefully. Sift dry ingredients before measuring and measure them lightly.

Pack butter and lard when measuring in a cup or spoon. Measure all dry ingredients first, before measuring butter or liquids, in order to economize in the number of utensils necessary.

Table of Measurements

1 measuring cup


1/2 pint

16 tablespoonsful


1 cup

3 teaspoonsful


1 tablespoon.