Cake unfortunately is used in the menu more as an accessory than a food, and is often the last morsel of the meal that overtaxes an already overburdened digestive system. This is undoubtedly the reason why many persons feel that they cannot eat it. When made with fat, it will take longer to digest than when made without; but this is no reason why anyone with normal digestion should not eat cake, provided it does not destroy the balance of the menu. It is largely made up of carbohydrates, as sugar and flour, which are energy makers. The ordinary loaf, therefore, which contains only one or two eggs to represent the proteins, must be classified as a heat maker, and, when it is used, especially if covered with a thick icing, it should not be accompanied by a second sweet for dessert. However, if very rich in eggs, as are sponge and angel cake, or in nuts, it may be used as a supplement to the proteins of the meal.