Celery, Club Style

Trim off the tough outer stalks. Pare the celery root to a point then cut the whole stalk lengthwise into quarters, or sixths, according to the size, and let stand in cold water to crisp. The white tips should not be removed.

Creamed Celery

2 cupfuls diced celery 2 tablespoonfuls butter 1/2 teaspoonful salt

2 1/2 tablespoonfuls flour

1/2 cupful milk

1/8 teaspoonful pepper

Remove the strings from the outer stalks of celery. Wash the stalks well with a brush, and cut them into half-length pieces. Put in a saucepan with a slice of onion (if desired), and 2 cupfuls of hot water and simmer till tender, about thirty minutes. Drain, reserving the liquor; make a white sauce of the butter, flour, seasonings, milk and one cupful of the celery liquor. Add the drained celery and serve very hot.

Celery And Cheese Au Gratin

2 cupfuls celery cut in 1/2 inch pieces

1 cupful, celery stock

2 tablespoonfuls flour Salt and pepper to taste

1 cupful rich milk or cream

2 tablespoonfuls butter 3/4 cupful grated cheese

3/4 cupful buttered crumbs

Cook the celery in 2 cupfuls of water till tender; reserve a cupful of the celery stock and add to the milk. Melt the butter, add the flour and, gradually, the liquid, allowing it to boil up once. Add the seasonings; and celery. Pour half of this into a buttered baking dish, add one-half the grated cheese, then the remaining celery and cheese; cover with the buttered crumbs and brown in the oven. Garnish with celery tips.

Celery Curls

Cut tender stalks of celery into two-inch lengths. Fringe each end to within an eighth of an inch of the center, and drop into ice water to "curl," or fringe out.

Creamed Celery On Ham Toast

Celery sticks, 3 inches long White Sauce No. 2

Minced Ham Buttered Toast

Allow six sticks to a person, simmering them till tender in salted water barely to cover. (Do not throw the liquor away; add it to the stock-pot.) Spread the buttered toast with the ham, arrange on a platter, pour over the cream sauce, and arrange six sticks of celery on each slice of toast.

Celery Jelly

2 cupfuls chopped celery, stalks and leaves 2 1/2 cupfuls water 1 slice onion Bit of bay leaf Slice of carrot

1 tablespoonful granulated gelatine, softened in water to cover

1 tablespoonful lemon juice

1/2 teaspoonful sugar

1 cupful diced celery

Bit of thyme

Simmer the chopped celery, onion and seasonings in the water, adding enough, as it evaporates, to keep it always a pint. Strain and season it; add the gelatine, lemon juice and sugar, and, when slightly solidified, stir in the diced celery. Pour into individual moulds, and let stiffen. Serve as a garnish to cold meat, or as a salad with mayonnaise and nuts, or sliced tomatoes.

Fried Celery Tips

Dip tender celery tips in fritter batter, drain, and fry crisp in deep fat hot enough to brown a bit of bread in forty seconds. Use as a garnish to chicken.