Egg And Tomato Salad

3 hard-cooked eggs 6 medium-sized tomatoes 2 tablespoonfuls minced green pepper (if convenient)

French dressing Boiled salad dressing Lettuce

Cut the tomatoes into sixths, to within a half inch of the bottom. Pour over French dressing and let stand thirty minutes to season. Then fill the centers with the egg, chopped (reserving one yolk) and mixed with the salad dressing. Arrange on lettuce nests, pour over the French dressing that has drained off, and garnish each tomato with the egg yolk, riced, and the green pepper.

Stuffed Egg Salad

6 hard-cooked eggs 1 tablespoonful melted butter 1 tablespoonful tomato catsup

Salt and pepper to taste 1/4 cupful chopped stuffed olives Boiled oil dressing Lettuce

Cut the eggs lengthwise in halves. Remove the yolks, mix with the seasonings and re-pack. Press the halves together, and arrange in nests of crisp lettuce. Pour two tablespoonfuls of cooked dressing over each egg, and French dressing over the lettuce. Sprinkle with the olives.

Green Pepper And Egg Salad

4 hard-cooked eggs

1 cupful diced celery

2 green peppers


Cream salad dressing

Separate the whites of the eggs from the yolks, and chop them. Let the celery stand in cold, salted water, till crisp. Remove the seeds and cores and chop the peppers fine. Put into cold water, bring to boiling point and boil one minute, then drain. Mix the egg, celery and pepper together, bind with dressing, and dispose on lettuce leaves. Garnish with the egg yolks put through a potato ricer.

Stuffed Esrer And Pimento Salad

6 hard-cooked eggs

1 tablespoonful tomato catsup

1 tablespoonful flaked sardines

1 tablespoonful melted butter

Salt and pepper to taste

2 chopped pimentoes, well-drained

1/2 cupful tart lemon jelly


Mayonnaise dressing

3 tablespoonfuls finely-minced parsley

Cut the eggs in halves lengthwise, and remove the yolks. Mash them and mix in the catsup, butter, sardines and salt and pepper. Re-fill the whites of the eggs, and press them together, and dip in the lemon jelly, which should contain twice as much gelatine as usual. When the gelatine has commenced to stiffen, dust the eggs with the chopped pimento and a little finely-minced parsley. Serve in nests of lettuce with mayonnaise dressing.

Egg Salad, Plain

6 hard-cooked eggs Ribboned lettuce Paprika

Boiled salad dressing or mayonnaise

Cut the eggs in quarters, lengthwise, and arrange individually in the shape of a Maltese Cross on beds of ribboned lettuce. Put a spoonful of the dressing in the center and dust with paprika.