Select potatoes of uniform size. Wash, pare thin, and drop at once in cold water to prevent discoloration. Place in a pan in which meat is roasting, and cook until tender, about forty-five minutes, basting frequently with the fat in the pan.

Quick Franconia Potatoes

Wash, peel and boil potatoes until tender. Place in a frying pan with drippings or bacon fat, put in the oven and brown all over by basting and turning frequently.

Potato Stew With Cheese

10 pared and sliced potatoes 1 cupful diced onions 1/4 pound salt pork 1/4 cupful diced celery 1/4 cupful grated cheese

2 quarts water

3 tablespoonfuls flour 1 pint milk

Salt and pepper

Cut the pork into thin strips and fry until it is browned. Then add the onions and celery and cook until they are softened; put a layer of potatoes into a soup kettle, and add a layer of the pork mixture, alternating until all is used. Add the water and simmer slowly for forty minutes. Then turn in the milk, scalded, and add the thickening diluted with cold water. Let boil and season to taste; serve with a spoonful of grated cheese sprinkled over each serving.