Peach Marmalade

Blanch the peaches, remove the skins and stones and chop the pulp fine. Add two-thirds the weight of sugar and cook slowly until thick, about thirty-five minutes. Seal as usual or sterilize in jars if desired.

Grape Marmalade

7 cupfuls sifted grape pulp 2 cupfuls grape skins 3/4 pound chopped raisins

1 pound chopped English walnuts 4 1/2 cupfuls sugar

Cook the grape pulp to a mush and sift it. In the meantime, simmer the skins until tender in water to cover, add the raisins, combine with the sifted pulp and the sugar and simmer until thick, then add the nut meats and cook half an hour longer. Seal as directed, or sterilize in jars if desired.

Rhubarb Marmalade

10 cupfuls diced rhubarb 2 cupfuls chopped walnut meats

4 lemons

1 cupful raisins

10 cupfuls sugar

Do not peel the rhubarb. Put it in a kettle, add a pint of water and boil gently until soft, then add the nuts, sugar, lemon juice and the grated lemon rind. Cook gently until thick, about forty minutes, and seal as usual, or sterilize in jars.

Pineapple Marmalade Pare and remove the eyes from four medium-sized pineapples, which should be ripe, but not soft. Shred the pineapple, and add one orange sliced very thin and a thinly-sliced lemon. Cook the mixture for a few minutes until reduced in bulk, then measure and stir in two-thirds the amount of sugar. Simmer until thick and translucent. Then seal in sterilized jelly glasses.

Orange Marmalade

4 oranges 3 lemons 2 grapefruit

Sugar Water

Slice the fruit very thin, leaving on the rinds of three of the oranges and one grapefruit. Weigh and add two cupfuls of water to each pound of fruit, letting it stand twenty-four hours. Then boil for one hour, set aside in a cool place for twenty-four hours and to each pound of fruit juice add two cupfuls of sugar. Boil slowly for an hour, skimming as necessary, and pour into sterilized glasses, as usual, or sterilize in jars if desired. Be careful to omit the seeds and use thin-skinned fruit if possible.

Kumquat Marmalade

2 quarts kumquats

2 lemons



1/2 pound pecan nut meats (optional)

Wash the kumquats, cut in quarters, rejecting the seeds; slice the lemons, taking out the seeds, weigh combined fruits and add two cupfuls of water to each pound of fruit, letting it stand twenty-four hours. Then boil gently for an hour, drain the fruit from the liquid and chop it. Return the pulp to the liquid, measure it, add an equal quantity of sugar and boil gently till thick. If the nuts are to be used, they should be added with the sugar. Seal as usual in sterilized glasses.