Spinach Sandwiches

White bread

1 1/2 cupfuls cooked spinach

Creamed butter

Stiff mayonnaise Few grains nutmeg Salt and cayenne

Press all the juice from cooked spinach and chop the vegetable fine. Season with salt and cayenne, and a bit of nutmeg and moisten with the mayonnaise. Cut the bread very thin, and spread lightly with the butter. Spread the spinach rather thick on one slice of bread, cover with the second slice, add more spinach and then a third slice of bread. Let stand in a cool place till firm, then cut in slices like a cake. The result will be a green and white sandwich.

Tea-Room Sandwiches

Sliced ham Sliced tongue Sliced chicken Chopped olives

White bread Butter Mayonnaise Shredded lettuce

Remove the crusts from the bread, which has been cut a scant one-fourth inch thick. Spread the slices lightly with butter, creamed, and lay on a small piece each of ham, chicken and tongue. Add a layer of chopped olives, then a little mayonnaise, and top with corresponding slices of bread, buttered. Serve individually with a garnish of a handful of shredded lettuce, and a little mayonnaise on top, surmounted with an olive. If desired, the bread may be toasted for these sandwiches.

Onion And Celery Sandwiches

Fry the necessary amount of sliced onions. Butter slices of bread. For each sandwich spread one slice with onion and the other with finely-minced celery, mixed with salad dressing. Dip lettuce leaves in French dressing, and put between the slices.

Heart Sandwiches

Boston brown bread, or Entire wheat bread Cream cheese

Salad dressing Whole pecan nuts

Cut the bread in heart shapes. Cream the cheese till soft with a little salad dressing. Spread on the bread, but do not put the slices together. Instead, press on a design of the pecan nuts, and serve prettily arranged on a doily-covered plate.

Green Pepper And Onion Sandwiches

Stale white bread

3 sweet green peppers

1/2 Bermuda onion

Creamed butter French dressing

Remove the seeds and cores from the peppers, and chop the peppers very fine with the onion. Drain off the juice, then moisten with dressing and let stand on the ice till very cold. Cut the bread thin in fancy shapes, spread with creamed butter, and put together with the pepper mixture. Serve with Welsh rarebit.

Celery Sandwiches

Stale entire wheat bread Crisp celery

Boiled dressing Creamed butter

Cut the bread in thin, narrow strips and spread lightly with the butter, creamed. Chop the celery very fine, mix with salad dressing, and spread on half of the slices of bread. Save the dainty, white celery tips and split the round stems so they will lie flat. Place these upon slices of bread, so that the leaves will show beyond the edge, and top with corresponding slices.

Savory Sandwiches

1/2 cupful cold lamb or veal 2 tablespoonfuls grated cheese Lettuce leaves dipped in French dressing

1 teaspoonful made mustard Salt and pepper to taste. Cream to moisten Bread and butter

Mix together the meat, cheese, mustard and seasonings and cream until smooth. Spread buttered bread with this mixture, lay on lettuce leaves, and set on corresponding slices. Press together and serve at once.

Cheese And Nut Sandwiches

1/4 cupful butter, creamed 1/2 cupful grated cheese 1/4 teaspoonful paprika

1/2 cupful nut meats, chopped fine Graham or brown bread

Mix the ingredients together in the order given. Spread on thin slices of graham or brown bread, cut in desired shapes, and put together in pairs. A nasturtium leaf is a piquant addition to this type of sandwich. In this case they should be cut round.

Pimento Sandwiches

1 Neufchatel cheese 2 pimentoes Salt and pepper to taste Mayonnaise to moisten

Peanut butter

Stale entire wheat bread

White bread

Chop the pimentoes fine, and add to the cheese. Mix well, season' and moisten with mayonnaise. Cut the bread in desired shapes, allowing one slice of entire wheat and one slice of white bread to a sandwich. Spread one slice with peanut butter, and the other with the cheese mixture. Press together in pairs and serve.

Cheese And Tomato Sandwiches

Cut rounds of white bread, spread with cream cheese and Salad dressing, mixed, place a thin slice of tomato on top, and cover, or not, as desired, with a second slice of bread.