Into a clean quart jar put the contents of one peptonizing tube and I cupful of cold water. Shake well, add a pint of fresh cold milk and shake again. Place the bottle in water at about 115 degrees F., and keep there five to ten minutes, then place bottle on ice at once to check further digestion.

Barley Water

3/8 cupful pearl barley 1 pint boiling water 3 pints boiling water

1/3 teaspoonful salt Sugar to taste

Wash the barley thoroughly, add the pint of boiling water and simmer five minutes. Pour off this liquid and add the salt and the three pints of freshly boiling water.

Simmer for two hours. Strain, and add sugar, if desired. Cool and serve. In cases of constipation add 1/4 pound figs, cut fine, with the second water. Prunes or raisins can also be used. The juice of half a lemon is also a good addition after the drink has cooled.


1 lemon

1 cupful boiling water

1 tablespoonful sugar (approximate) 1/2 thin slice lemon

Cut a thin slice from the center of the lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice into a glass (keeping back seeds). Combine the sugar and boiling water and place on ice to chill. Add the lemon juice, and use the lemon slice as a garnish. More sugar will be needed if the fruit is very acid.


1 sour orange

1 cupful boiling water

1 tablespoonful sugar (approximate) 1/2 slice orange

Prepare as for lemonade. If the orange is not sufficiently sour, add lemon juice. Either orangeade or lemonade may be acceptably frozen to an ice, if additional sugar is added.

Oatmeal Lemonade

1 1/3 tablespoonfuls fine oatmeal Few grains salt

Juice 1 1/2 lemons

Sugar to taste

3 pints boiling water

Mix the oatmeal and salt with the cold water. Add to the boiling water and cook until reduced to a quart. Strain, add sugar to taste while hot, and the lemon juice when cold.

Malted Milk And Egg

1 tablespoonful malted milk 1 tablespoonful crushed fresh or canned fruit

1 egg

15 drops acid phosphate 1 tablespoonful crushed ice 2/3 cupful ice water

Mix the malted milk, egg and fruit and beat well. Add the phosphate and crushed ice, blending thoroughly. Strain and add the ice water, or substitute carbonated water, and flavor with a grating of nutmeg.

Malted Milk Egg-Nog

1 tablespoonful malted milk 1/4 teaspoonful salt

2 tablespoonfuls cream 1 egg, beaten separately

Sugar to taste Few grains nutmeg 3/4 cupful boiling water

Mix in the order given. Allow the mixture to cool, and sweeten to taste. Then add the well-beaten egg yolk and lastly the stiffly-beaten white. Serve in a tall glass. This may also be served hot. In this case use hot water.

Jelly And Ice

Chip 1/2 cupful of pure ice, fine. Mix about the same quantity of currant, blackberry or raspberry jelly with it.

Milk Albumin 1 egg white 1/2 cupful milk

Put into clean glass jar, cover and shake until well-mixed, about three minutes. A few grains of salt may be added if desired.

Albumin Water

1 egg white 1/2 cupful cold water

Proceed as in above recipe. Sometimes a few drops of lemon juice are added for fever patients.

Bread And Chicken Custard

2 tablespoonfuls minced cooked chicken 2 tablespoonfuls crumbled bread

1 egg

1 cupful milk

1/3 teaspoonful salt

Butter two ramekins and divide in them the chicken and bread mixed. Beat the egg, add the milk and salt, pour over the chicken mixture and bake like custard.

Egg Nest

1 egg

1/3 teaspoonful butter

Salt to taste

1 good-sized round of toast

Toast the bread, separate the egg, beat the white stiff and add salt to taste. Butter the toast and pile on the white in the shape of a nest. Make a depression in the center, put in the butter and drop in the egg yolk. Cook in a moderate oven from six to eight minutes.


1/2 pound round steak 1 toast round

Wipe the steak with a damp cloth. Scrape up the meat fiber by means of a broad-bladed case knife. Form this pulp into little balls and lightly broil in a heated frying pan, rolling them about until slightly browned. Salt, and serve on the toast, buttered.

Chops Or Birds Broiled In Paper

Wipe chops or birds, and dust them with salt and pepper. Spread a piece of thick letter paper, evenly and thickly, with butter. Lay on it the meat and fold the paper so that no juices can escape. Broil carefully, taking care that the paper does not ignite.

A chop broiled in this way will cook in five minutes when three-quarters of an inch thick and in eight minutes when one inch thick. Squab or chicken must cook thirty minutes.

Potatoes On The Half Shell

Cut off the tops of baked potatoes and scoop out the inside. Mash and season well and add a well-beaten egg white. Fill the skins with this mixture, heaping it lightly on top. Place in the oven and brown slightly.