Often Used in Connection with Cooking

A la, au, aux - Dressed in a certain style.

a l' ancienne - In old style.

A la bourgeoise - In family style.

A LA mode - Literally, "in the fashion"; applied to ways of serving various dishes. For instance: "boeuf a la mode" is beef larded and pot roasted; "pie a la mode" is pie served with ice-cream.

Artichaut - Artichoke.

Asperge - Asparagus.

Au gratin - Baked with a topping of crumbs, and often with grated cheese.

Bisque - A rather thick soup, usually made from shell-fish; or an icecream containing finely chopped nuts.

Blanquette - White meat in cream sauce that has been thickened with eggs.

Bombe glacee - A mold of ice-cream filled with a different kind of ice-cream or a water-ice.

Bouchees - Small pastry shells or pepper cases filled with creamed meat or fish. The French word means "a mouthful."

Cafe au lait - Coffee with milk.

Cafe noir - Black coffee.

Canard - Duck.

Canape - A slice of bread, toasted or fried, spread with some highly flavored food and served as an appetizer.

Cannelon - Meat stuffed, rolled up and roasted or braised.

Caviar - The salted roe of the sturgeon.

Champignons - Mushrooms.

Chaud-froid - Literally hot-cold. In cooking, a jellied sauce.

Chou - Cabbage.

Chou-fleur - Cauliflower.

Compote - A stew; often applied to fruits stewed in sirup.

Creme - Cream.

Croustade - Case for creamed meat or fish, made of bread, rice, etc.

Croutons - Small cubes of fried or toasted bread served with soup.

De, d' - Of.

Demitasse - Literally half a cup. Used to signify a small cup of black coffee generally taken at the close of a luncheon or dinner.

A List of Foreign Words and Phrases (Continued)

Eclair - A pastry or cake shell filled with whipped cream or custard.

En brochette - Impaled on a skewer.

En coquilles - In the shell.

Entrees - Small made dishes served between the heavy courses at a formal dinner.

Farci - Stuffed.

Fillets - Long, thin pieces of boneless meat or fish.

Fines herbes - Minced parsley, chives, chervil, etc.

Fondant - Sugar, boiled and kneaded to a smooth creaminess. The basis of French candy.

Fondue - Literally "melted"; usually applied to cheese, or a combination of cheese, eggs and crumbs.

Fraises - Strawberries.

Frappe - Iced or semi-frozen.

Fromage - Cheese.

Gateau - Cake.

Gelee - Jelly.

Glace - Frozen or glazed.

Haricots verts - Small green string beans.

Hors d'geuvres - Side dishes or relishes. Usually served at the beginning of a meal.

Huitres - Oysters.

Jambon - Ham.

Jardiniere - Mixed vegetables served in their own sauce.

Julienne - A clear vegetable soup, invented by Jean Julien in 1875, containing vegetables cut in matchlike strips.

Laitue - Lettuce.

Macedoine - A mixture; usually vegetables, with or without meat, Sometimes applied to fruit mixtures.

Marrons - Chestnuts.

Meringue - Whites of eggs whipped to a standing froth with sugar.

Mousse - Having a mossy texture. Applied to whipped cream that has been frozen without stirring and to certain hot dishes of smooth texture.

Noir - Black.

Pain - Bread.

Pate - Paste, patty.

Pate de foie gras - A paste of goose livers.

Patisserie - Pastry.

Peche - Peach.

Petits pois - Small green peas.

Piece de resistance - The main dish in a meal; the roast.

Pois - Peas.

Pommes - Apples.

A List of Foreign Words and Phrases (Concluded)

Pommes de terre - Potatoes. Literally, "apples of the earth."

Potage - Soup.

Poulet - Chicken.

Puree - Ingredients rubbed through a sieve to make a thick soup; any thick paste, such as mashed potatoes. Ragout - A thick, highly seasoned stew. Rechauffe - Reheated or warmed-over. Ris de veau - Sweetbreads.

Rissoles - Minced fish or meat rolled in thin pastry and fried. Ron - Roast. Salade - Salad. Sorbet - Frozen punch. This name is often given to water-ice when several kinds of fruit are used. Souffle - Literally "puffed up." A delicate baked custard which may contain fruit, cheese, flaked fish, minced poultry, meat or vegetables. Tarte - Tart. Tartelette - A little tart. Timbale - An unsweetened custard, usually seasoned with fish, meat or vegetables, baked in a mold. Timbale Case - A small case of fried batter in which creamed mixtures and desserts are served. Tourte - A tart; a pie. Truffles - A species of fungi, similar to mushrooms, growing in clusters some inches below the surface of the ground. Used in seasoning and for a garnish. Tutti-frutti - Mixed fruits. Veloute - Velvety; smooth.