Apple Meringue Pudding

Toasted bread

Hot milk

1 dozen apples

Sugar Nutmeg 3 eggs

Cover the bottom and sides of a baking-pan with toasted bread, wet with hot milk. Core the apples and cook them whole; sweeten with sugar and flavor with nutmeg. Beat the yolks of the eggs together with a little sugar and pour over the apples. Put the apples in the baking-pan over the bread, then cover with the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs. Bake in a slow oven (300°-350° F.) for a few minutes.

Storing Coffee

As coffee loses its strength when it is exposed to the air, it should be kept tightly covered, especially after it has been ground. When coffee has lost its flavor from exposure to the air, it can be improved by heating the dry coffee in a frying-pan, taking care not to let it burn. The flavor, however, will not be so good as the original flavor.

After-Dinner Coffee

The best after-dinner coffee is made with a filter. If really black coffee is desired, use three tablespoons of finely ground coffee to each cup of freshly boiled water. Wet the strainer in cold water before adding the coffee. Pour the boiling water slowly upon the coffee, and leave the pot over the heat while the water is finding its way through the fine grains and absorbing their flavor. When all the liquid has dripped through, the coffee is done and should be served at once.

Vienna Coffee

Make after-dinner coffee and serve in demi-tasses topped with stiffly whipped cream. Sugar may be used if desired. This style coffee is best suited to afternoon or evening service, although it is adapted for after-dinner service as well. Serve with small cakes.

Cafe Au Lait

Make medium or strong coffee by the drip or percolator method and while it is being prepared scald an equal amount of fresh milk. Pour the coffee and hot milk together into the cups in equal amounts, one pot in each hand.

Turkish Coffee

Use finely pulverized coffee. Mix one tablespoon of coffee for each demi-tasse with an equal amount of granulated sugar. When the water is boiling briskly, add the coffee, and when it looks frothy remove from the fire. In a moment or two, boil it up again and repeat a third time. It should be thick and foamy. Serve at once, without cream, as the last course at dinner or luncheon or as a refreshment in the evening with small cakes. It is too strong to serve in cups any larger than demi-tasse.

Iced Coffee

Make coffee of desired strength - it should be fairly strong, as the ice dilutes it. Cool it and serve in tall glasses with cracked ice; or pour the hot coffee over cracked ice, in glasses, adding more ice if needed. Top the glass with whipped cream or vanilla ice-cream. Cream may be poured on the ice before the coffee is added, and the coffee may then be topped with whipped cream.

Cereal Beverages

Grains, roasted so that they produce a brown infusion, similar in appearance to coffee, are obtainable in several brands. These furnish a hot beverage for many who do not care for or cannot drink coffee or tea. They are excellent breakfast beverages for children and young people. Directions for preparing them are given on the packages.