Broiled Fish

To broil a whole fish, split the fish down the back, dry thoroughly, sprinkle with salt, pepper and lemon-juice. Place fish, flesh side down, on a well-greased wire broiler. Turn and broil on skin side just enough to crisp the skin. Large fish are cut into slices one inch thick, and broiled on both sides evenly.

Broiled Smelts

12 smelts

3 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoon lemon-juice

1 tablespoon salt 1/2 tablespoon pepper 3 tablespoons flour

Small smelts are not always split open and cleaned, but the entrails are squeezed out carefully so as not to bruise the fish, and the heads are sometimes left on. When the smelts are large, however, cutting down the belly to remove entrails is more satisfactory. Put butter, lemon-juice, salt and pepper in a deep plate on the back of the stove where the fat will slowly melt. On another plate, place the flour. Wash and wipe the fish and roll it in the melted, seasoned fat, and then lightly in the flour. Arrange on a double broiler and cook four or five minutes over clear coals. Serve on a warm dish with remoulade sauce.

Fish That Are Good Baked In Steaks, Cutlets Or Fillets, With Suggestions For Sauces And Garnishes







Egg sauce



Oyster sauce



Brown, Hollandaise, tomato or mushroom sauce

Tomatoes, peas, parsley

Mackerel (horse)



Lemon sauce

Parsley and lemon


Drawn butter

Parsley and lemon


Tomato sauce

Fillet Of Flounder Au Gratin

5 pounds flounder

2 tablespoons flour

3 tablespoons butter

1 cup fine bread-crumbs 1 bay-leaf

2 cups chicken stock 1 tablespoon lemon-juice 1 slice onion Salt and pepper

Fillet and cut the fish into pieces about four inches long by three wide. Oil a baking or gratin dish and lay the fillets in it. Sprinkle salt and pepper over them and set in a cool place till needed.

Rub together flour and butter; add onion, bay-leaf, chicken stock, and salt and pepper as needed. Simmer gently twenty minutes and then add lemon-juice, strain the sauce and pour it over the fish. Season lightly with salt and pepper, sprinkle bread-crumbs over the sauce and fish. Bake twenty minutes in a hot oven (425 ° F.) and serve at once in the same dish.

Fillet Of Sole Or Flounder

2 pounds fillet of sole or flounder

Salt and pepper Crumbs, egg

A large sole or flounder will make four fillets. Roll up each fillet, 'or cut into smaller fillets, season with salt and pepper, dip in egg, then in crumbs and fry in deep fat (390° F.) four to six minutes. For variety, cut the fillets up, simmer half of the small fillets in salted water from six to ten minutes and then serve with the fried ones, having the boiled ones in the center of the dish. Serve with a white sauce, or with Tartar sauce.