Cereal Dishes

In preparing any of the grain foods for an invalid, take special care to see that they are well cooked. In some cases the cereal may be put through a sieve or puree strainer. Whole-grain foods are important laxative articles of diet.

Banana Gruel

Stir banana meal into hot milk, and add sugar to taste.

Oatmeal Preparations

For oatmeal gruel and oatmeal water when the prepared oat flour is used, follow the directions for barley gruel and water. They may, however, be made from either coarse oatmeal or rolled oats. If the latter are used, they should be prepared as described in the chapter on cereals, (See Index) using the following proportions:

Oatmeal Gruel -

1/4 cup rolled oats or 1/3 cup coarse oatmeal

1 1/2 cups water

Oatmeal Water -

1 1/2 tablespoons rolled oats or 2 tablespoons coarse oatmeal

2 cups water

Oatmeal Jelly -

4 tablespoons rolled oats or 5 1/2 tablespoons coarse oatmeal

1 1/2 cups water

Indian-Meal Gruel

2 tablespoons corn-meal

1 tablespoon flour

4 tablespoons cold water

1 quart boiling water 1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix the meal and flour with the cold water, rub smooth, and stir the paste into the boiling water. Stir well, and when the gruel boils, lower the heat so it will simmer gently for two hours. Add the salt, cook for one-half hour longer, and serve with cream or milk.


Boiling water

2 soda or graham crackers

Place the crackers in a bowl, and add just enough boiling water to soak them well. Set the bowl in a vessel of boiling water, and let it remain twenty or thirty minutes, until the crackers are quite clear, but not broken. Lift them out carefully without breaking and lay them on a hot saucer. Salt if necessary. Serve very hot with sugar and cream.

Rice Jelly

2 tablespoons rice flour 1 cup boiling water Cold water

Salt and sugar

Cinnamon or lemon-juice, if desired

Mix the rice flour with enough cold water to make a thin paste, and then add the boiling water. Sweeten and salt to taste, and boil until the rice flour is transparent. Add a little cinnamon or lemon-juice as flavoring, if desired.

Wet a mold with cold water, pour in the jelly, and when cold serve with milk or cream and sugar.

Flaxseed Lemonade

4 tablespoons whole flaxseed 1 quart boiling water

4 tablespoons sugar Juice of 2 lemons

Simmer the flaxseed in the water for an hour or more. Strain, add sugar and lemon-juice, and serve hot.

Chicken Broth

1 fowl (3 pounds)

2 quarts cold water 1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons sago or tapioca or rice

Wash the chicken and remove all the skin and fat. Cut it into small pieces, crack the bones well, and place it in a kettle with two quarts of cold water and let stand one-half hour. Set the kettle on the fire in a slow heat, add the rice, and gradually bring the water to the boiling-point. Keep it simmering for three hours, with the kettle tightly covered. Season with salt, skim off fat, strain off the broth, and serve. If made the day before using, the soup may be allowed to cool, when fat may be more easily removed.