Chocolate is made from cocoa beans that are ground under pressure. It is sold in the unsweetened form, such as we commonly use for a beverage, and also sweetened and flavored. If chocolate is stored in a warm room, the fat known as cocoa butter will melt and come to the surface, and when it hardens will give the chocolate a gray look, because the fat is practically white. The cake of chocolate, however, is as good to use as ever. The instantaneous chocolates found on the market are combinations of cocoa, flavoring, sugar and often milk powder.

Cocoa is the ground bean from which part of the fat has been extracted. It should be a rich reddish brown in color. If it is very dark, it is usually because it has been artificially colored or made from imperfectly cleansed beans or those of a poor quality.

Cocoa is a valuable food and is an excellent medium by which to introduce milk into the diet. Because it contains a stimulant, it is best to use a minimum of cocoa and a maximum of milk when giving it to children.

Cocoa preparations, in which cocoa, sugar, powdered milk and malt are used, make quickly prepared beverages.

The method of making all beverages containing cocoa is based on the fact that cocoa is rich in starch; therefore cocoa boiled for five minutes has a much better flavor than that which is made by simply adding it to scalded milk, because cooking improves the flavor of all starches.