12 clams in the shell

2 cups water


Purchase large clams in the shells. Scrub them thoroughly with a brush, place them in a kettle with cold water, closely covered, and bring water to the boiling-point. As soon as the shells have opened, remove them from the broth. The clams may be served at once, in the half-shell, or taken from the shells and kept to be served in any form desired. Let the broth settle, strain, being careful not to pour out the sandy sediment, reheat, add a little red pepper or paprika, and serve hot. Twelve good-sized clams should make enough broth for six persons, but if there does not seem to be sufficient, add a little boiling water or milk. Clam broth seldom needs added salt. Water wafers heated in the oven, or divided crackers toasted on their broken surfaces, buttered and heated for a few minutes in the oven, are generally served with this broth.

Clam broth may be served, hot or cold, in cups with a heaping teaspoon of whipped cream, into which has been beaten a little salt and pepper placed upon the top of each cup. The cream adds richness to the flavor of the soup and increases its nourishing properties.

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