Aspics - Aspic is a spiced tart jelly made from brown or white meat stock alone or in combination with gelatin. It is used to enclose a variety of foods in a mold or to give a transparent coating of shining, sparkling finish. Various foods may be molded in aspic - for instance, stuffed olives, plain or stuffed tomatoes, eggs, birds, beef tongue, chicken salad or a mousse.

Cold Entrees 68

Aspics give ample opportunity to show inventiveness in design, for they are usually elaborately decorated. Decorative shapes may be cut from pimiento, green or red pepper, olives, pickles, hard-cooked egg-white, yellow custard, parsley, truffles or cooked vegetables. Green peas and capers, also, are frequently used.

Chaud Froids - For these dishes , the sauce is made up hot but the finished product is served cold. The sauce, which may be white, yellow or brown, and stiffened with gelatin, is used to give a smooth, glossy surface to eggs, cutlets, breast or other choice pieces of chicken, fish fillets, etc, all of which must be plainly cooked and well seasoned. A decoration is usual, also a final coating of aspic.

Mousses - This term, used in connection with entrees, refers to a dish made of a meat, fish or vegetable puree stiffened with gelatin and made light by means of beaten cream. It is molded to give it shape, chilled, then unmolded for serving.

Cold Souffles - It is difficult to differentiate these from the mousses. About the only difference is the manner of serving. The mixture may be put into individual dishes of china, or paper cases, having paper bands pinned about the top to give greater height. When the mixture is chilled, the bands are removed. The mixture, extending above the edge of the, container, gives the effect of great lightness, thus simulating a souffle.

Salads - Salads are not usually thought of as entrees, but in a formal menu are so considered.