Epicures prefer young ducks rare, and without stuffing. Some people consider that ducks have too strong a flavor, and to absorb this flavor lay cored and quartered apples inside the body. These apples are removed before the duck is sent to the table. Celery and onions also may be placed inside the duck to season it and improve the flavor, two tablespoons of chopped onion being used to every cup of chopped celery, which may consist of the green stalks that are not desired for the table. This stuffing is also removed from the bird before it is sent to the table. Should filling be preferred, use potato stuffing, putting it in very hot.

Truss the duck, sprinkle it with salt, pepper and flour, and roast in a very hot oven (500° F.) fifteen to thirty minutes, provided the duck is young and is desired rare.

Full-grown domestic ducks are roasted in a moderate oven ( 350° F.) allowing 20 to 25 minutes per pound. Bake uncovered. Baste every half hour with drippings in pan. Serve with giblet gravy and applesauce or grape or currant jelly. Green peas should also be served with roast duck.