A Doctor's advice is necessary in planning the diet for an invalid, as each case must be considered individually. The following general suggestions are intended to help the housewife who, in addition to her other work, has the duty of ministering to the needs of the sick and convalescent.

The Proper Selection and Preparation of food for an invalid is important, but the best cooked and most palatable food may be spoiled in the serving. When possible, remove all bottles and suggestions of medicine from the room. Use a light tray, and serve everything as nicely as possible - the hot things really hot; the cold dishes cold, not lukewarm. In illness, even more than in health, care in serving is imperative, for appetite may be poor.

Meals Should be Served at Regular Intervals, and although the patient should not be consulted about the food to be brought to him, his likes and dislikes should be considered as far as possible.

Before Serving the Meal, be sure that the patient is ready for it, with hands and face washed; and that provision has been made for placing the tray where it will be convenient for him or his attendant to reach it. Special raised trays or bedside tables may be bought; or a rest may be improvised by placing a block of wood or a bundle of magazines on each side of the patient so that he will not have to bear the weight of the tray on his knees.

The Tray Should be Covered with a clean napkin or tray cover, and the dishes and serving should be very dainty. A flower or sprig of green will often take an invalid's mind from the food, and the attractiveness of the whole will tempt him to eat what would otherwise remain untouched. Serving the meal in courses will add to the interest. Place the courses on the tray in the order in which they are to be eaten and within easy reach of the patient. Do not serve too much of any one food. Invalids will often take liquid diet through a straw and enjoy it after the glass has become tiresome.

Remove the Tray and Dishes as soon as the patient has finished eating. In contagious diseases, sterilize everything used in the sick-room by boiling in water for ten minutes.