Fried Tomatoes

6 tomatoes


Salt and pepper

Select firm, ripe tomatoes, wash them and cut in half-inch slices without removing the skins. Season fine crumbs with salt and pepper, dip each slice of tomato in the crumbs, and saute in hot fat. Serve hot.

Baked Tomatoes

6 tomatoes

4 tablespoons fat

Salt and pepper

1 cup bread-crumbs 1 teaspoon sugar

Peel the tomatoes and cut them in slices one-fourth inch thick. Place a layer of tomatoes in a pudding-dish, and sprinkle over them a little salt and pepper. Rub the fat into the crumbs with the sugar. Spread the mixture thickly upon the tomatoes, using all of it, and add another layer of tomatoes. Add bits of butter or other fat, sprinkle with dry crumbs, and bake (350°-400° F.) twenty minutes.

Broiled Tomatoes

6 tomatoes Salt and pepper

Melted butter

Choose firm, round tomatoes, cut them into slices, three-quarters inch thick, dust each slice with salt and pepper, place in a greased broiler and broil tender. Turn once carefully. Add melted butter and serve at once.

Scalloped Tomatoes

6 large fresh tomatoes or 1 quart cooked tomatoes, fresh or canned

Salt and pepper

Bread-crumbs Butter or other fat Grated cheese, if desired

Skin fresh tomatoes and cut them into slices. If using cooked tomatoes, drain off the juice, using only the pulp. Place a layer of tomato in a greased baking-dish, add a seasoning of salt and pepper then a thin layer of bread-crumbs. Cut the fat into tiny pieces and lay on the crumbs. Then add another layer of tomato and proceed until the materials are used, having crumbs for the top layer. Add bits of fat and bake for thirty minutes in a moderate oven (350°-400° F.). Serve in the baking-dish. Grated cheese may be added to each layer, or to the top one only.

Mashed Turnips

1 pound white or yellow turnips

3 tablespoons butter Salt and pepper

Wash, pare and slice the turnips and cook in boiling water until soft, adding salt just before the cooking is completed. Drain and mash the turnips in the stew-pan and stand the pan, uncovered, over a low fire for ten minutes to dry the turnips well, stirring them frequently. Add butter and pepper and more salt if needed.

Turnips In Cream

1 pound white or yellow turnips

2 cups milk

4 tablespoons flour 4 tablespoons fat Salt and pepper

Pare the turnips, cut them in cubes; cook until tender. Make a white sauce of the flour, fat, milk and seasonings. Pour sauce over turnip cubes and serve.

Turnip Shells Or Cups

Pare the turnip and remove the center, leaving a shell one-half inch in thickness. Cook shell in boiling water until tender. Just before cooking is completed, add the salt. Cook the center in the same way and use for stuffing cup or serve as mashed turnips.

The turnip cups may be used as cases for creamed or buttered peas, carrots, beets, or any suitable vegetable or meat.