Glace Fruits Or Nuts

2 cups sugar 1 cup water 2/3 cup light corn sirup

Small fruits or sections of larger fruits or whole nut-meats

Make a sirup of the sugar, water and corn sirup. Boil, without stirring, to the hard crack stage (300° F.). Remove the saucepan from the fire and put it into an outer pan of boiling water to keep the sirup from hardening. Drop in the well drained fruit or the nut-meats, a few at a time. Skim out and place on heavy waxed paper to dry.

Fruit Paste Candies

Fruit Paste - Paste may be made from most kinds of fruit-pulp after the juice has been drained off for jelly, or it may be made from fresh or canned fruit. A combination of the pulp of two or more kinds of fruit gives a delicious result.

Press the pulp through a rather fine strainer, measure it and to one pint of pulp add one and one-third cups of sugar. Cook this mixture, stirring it and taking care not to let it scorch. When the paste is thick and clear, turn it out on a platter which has been brushed with unsalted fat. Let it stand and dry until a film forms over the top. Then turn it on to a wire screen and dry until it loses its stickiness. To get the best results, dry it as quickly as possible in the open air. Roll the dried paste in thick paraffin paper and pack it in tin boxes or glass jars for future use. For finish, dip in fondant or chocolate.

Spun Sugar

2 cups sugar

. cup water

1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar

Dissolve sugar in water, bring slowly to boiling point and boil to 280° F. Add cream of tartar and continue boiling without stirring until the sirup reaches 310° F. In the meantime, have prepared 2 oiled wooden spoon handles securely anchored in kitchen-cabinet drawers, with a clean paper spread on the floor below. When the sirup reaches 310° F. remove quickly to a pan of cold water to stop the boiling, then to pan of hot water. Tint with food colors if desired. Dip the spinner (a spoon, large knife or egg whip will serve) into the sirup and swing back and forth over the handles. The sugar falls in long threads. If the sirup thickens as you work, heat the water in the lower pan until the sirup melts and continue spinning. Use at once as decorative nests for ice cream, meringue glace, Baked Alaska or Easter eggs,

Fruit Desserts. Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are the simplest and easiest of all desserts to pre-pare, and furnish one of the most wholesome sweets. They are at their best when served ripe and in season. When fruit comes from the market it should be looked over and kept in a cool place. All fruit should be washed before it is served.

Fresh Berries

Turn the berries out of the container and spread them on a platter or board so that they are not piled up on one another. If there are any noticeably soft or moldy, remove them and set the rest in the refrigerator or other cool place until they are to be prepared for serving. Then pick them over carefully, wash and drain. Strawberries are usually hulled, but when very large and perfect they may be served with the hulls on and dipped into powdered sugar when they are eaten.