Look the fruit over carefully, and remove blossom ends or decayed parts. It is generally not necessary to remove the skins. Most fruits need to be cooked before the juice can be extracted. Juicy fruits should be cooked in a small amount of water. Such fruits as apples should be covered with water.

First Extraction of Juice - Cook the fruit until it is tender, turn it into a jelly-bag and allow the juice to drip through. If a clear jelly is desired, do not squeeze the bag. Squeezing gives a cloudy jelly.

Second and Third Extractions - A second and a third extraction may be made from such fruits as crabapples, apples, grapes, currants and quinces. Return the pulp to the preserving-kettle after the juice has dripped from it, cover it with water, heat it gradually and allow it to simmer for thirty minutes. At the end of that time, turn it into a jelly-bag and allow it to drip without squeezing. This juice is usually kept separate from the first extraction and made into jelly by itself. It has good taste but is not clear.