Brown sugar may be used partly or entirely in place of white or maple sugar. If brown sugar is used, the cream of tartar or corn sirup should be omitted.

Condensed milk may be used instead of fresh milk. It should have water added according to the directions on the can.

Peanut butter may be used instead of chocolate, using two tablespoons of the butter to each cup of sugar in the recipe. Like butter or other fat it should be added after the fudge is cooked.

Marshmallows or marshmallow cream may be added to any fudge after it has been taken from the fire. One cup of marsh-mallow to two cups of sugar is a good proportion.

Any kind of broken nuts, including coconut, may be added to the fudge just before it is turned into the pan.

Candied cherries, or other fruits, chopped candied orange-peel or citron may be added. Dates and raisins are often used.

Flavoring may be varied to suit. Orange extract is good with brown sugar, chocolate or molasses. Lemon extract or lemon-juice is good in a white-sugar fudge from which the chocolate is omitted.