2 cups boiling water 1/2 cup corn-meal 1/2 yeast cake 1/4 cup warm water 1/3 cup hot milk

1 tablespoon molasses

1 teaspoon salt

2 cups buckwheat flour 1 teaspoon soda

Pour the boiling water over the corn-meal and let stand until it swells. Soften the yeast in the lukewarm water. After the corn-meal is cool, add the molasses, salt, yeast and flour. Beat thoroughly and set in a warm place to rise over night. It should rise and fall again by the morning. Then add a teaspoon of soda dissolved in the hot milk, stir well, and bake on a hot griddle.

When the cakes are desired frequently (say, three times a week), fresh yeast will not be required after the first making, if a little more than a pint of the batter is reserved each time and kept in a cool place to be used instead of the yeast. Molasses in buckwheat cakes helps to give them a good color in frying. Without it, they may be gray and unattractive.

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