Spiced Vinegar

1 quart vinegar

1 pint sugar

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon allspice

1 tablespoon white mustard seed 1 teaspoon cloves 1 teaspoon salt

The spices may be used either whole or ground, as one prefers a clear or a dark pickle. If they are ground, they should be placed in a muslin bag and removed from the solution before the pickles are canned. If the pickle is one that is to be heated in the vinegar, the vinegar and spices are not previously heated. If the pickle is to be placed in the cans cold and the hot vinegar is to be poured over it, the solution is brought slowly to the boiling-point and then poured over the pickle.

Pickled Beets

Cook small beets until they are tender. Plunge them into cold water and slip off the skins. Cover them with spiced vinegar (recipe above), and simmer them for fifteen minutes.

Seal them in clean, hot jars. Golden wax beans, the stems of Swiss chard, or very small carrots may be pickled in the same way.

Cucumber Pickles

100 cucumbers


1 ounce mustard seed

1 ounce cloves

2 teaspoons salt . 1 cup sugar 2 red peppers

Use the smallest cucumbers you can procure, making two and one-half inches the limit of length. Put the spices in thin muslin bags, using at least two bags. Place the cucumbers in a kettle with enough good vinegar of medium strength to cover them. Place the bags of spices in the vinegar, together with the salt and sugar, and the peppers cut in rings. Heat the vinegar as slowly as possible; when it is scalding hot but not boiling, the pickles are ready to set away. If this recipe is carefully followed, satisfactory results will be obtained. If the vinegar boils, the pickles will soften.

Ripe Cucumber Sweet Pickles

8 large ripe cucumbers 1/8 pound stick cinnamon 1 ounce whole cloves

3 pounds sugar 1 1/2 pints vinegar

Pare the cucumbers, quarter and take out the seeds, then cut the quarters into medium-sized pieces. Scald in salted water (two tablespoons salt to one quart water), then drain and simmer in clear water until they are tender but firm. Drain well. Tie the spices in a bag and boil them with the vinegar and the sugar for five minutes. Pour this mixture over the cucumbers, cover the jar and set away. The next day pour off the sirup, boil for ten minutes and pour over the cucumbers again. Flavor is improved by repeating this process several times. Place the pickles in clean, hot jars and seal.

Dill Pickles

Choose cucumbers over five inches in length. Wash them well and pack them in earthenware jars or wooden casks. On each layer of cucumbers place a thin layer of dill, stalks, leaves and seed balls included. When all are packed in, cover them with a brine solution carrying forty per cent, salt (approximately two pounds salt to three quarts water). Place a layer of grape or horseradish leaves on top and weigh the whole down with a clean plate and stone. Two or three weeks will be required for curing.