The healthy body is built and maintained by:

Protein - helps make flesh and blood Calcium - for bone, teeth, glands, nerve and muscle Phosphorus - for bones, teeth, glands, muscle and nerve Iron - with Copper and Manganese to help make blood Iodine - for the functioning of the thyroid gland Fat - heat, energy and padding for nerve and muscle Sugars and Starches - supply heat and energy as well as fat - necessary for the proper functioning of the liver and the digestion of fat

Health can not be maintained nor the body function properly without abundant supplies of Vitamins. They are:

Vitamin A - promotes growth, increases resistance to infective diseases and prevents certain eye diseases Vitamin B - promotes growth, stimulates appetite, protects nerve and brain tissue and function Vitamin C - promotes growth, protects jawbone and teeth and the walls of the blood vessels Vitamin D - promotes calcification of teeth and bones, hence protects against rickets and its deformities Vitamin E - protects the growth and function of the reproductive glands and organs Vitamin F - promotes growth and protects skin, hair and kidneys Vitamin G - promotes growth and normal nutrition and prevents pellagra