Put the ham into a tub of cold water the night before you intend to cook it. Place it in the tub with the fleshy part downward, and the skin partly up.

Next morning put it into a large kettle or pot, with cold water, to boil. Let the water get hot gradually, and continue to cook the ham in a slow boil, scarcely more than a simmer. At the end of 5 hours take it out of the pot, and fill the pot with fresh cold water, then put back at once, and let it simmer 5 hours more. Add, according to your purse, a gallon of vinegar, claret, or champagne.

Simmer 3 hours longer. Take it off, and put it in a cool place. In the morning trim it neatly before serving.

To prevent the ham from tearing, or the water from suddenly boiling too fast, it is best to sew a piece of cotton cloth tightly around the ham, so as to fit it closely. This will keep the meat firm, and guard against the neglect of the cook, in letting the water boil too fast.