The beef heart should be first thoroughly washed, running a knife well down into the cavities, and cutting through the adjacent walls, that all blood-clots may be removed. Trim off the rough "ear" at the top, and dry on a cloth.

Make a savory stuffing with equal parts of sausage meat and fine stale bread-crumbs; adding a large spoonful or more of finely chopped parsley. Fill all the cavities with this, and if any of the stuffing remains, roll it into small balls and place them together with the beef heart into a shallow greased pan.

Fasten the top of the heart with a couple of stitches or skewers. Then brown the entire outside of the heart in a spoonful or two of hot fat in the pan.

Transfer to a deep earthen casserole, or baking-dish having a tightly fitting cover, laying it in, with the point downward. Pour round it a scant pint of either a thin tomato- or savory brown sauce. Lacking either of these, use soup-stock, or plain boiling water - these variations giving different results in the flavor of the finished dish.

Cover the casserole or dish closely and place in a moderate oven for 4 hours. When an earthen dish is used, the evaporation will be less than with a metal one, the latter usually necessitating the addition of more sauce during the cooking.

It is well to have an extra amount of the sauce, that there may be sufficient to fill the gravy-boat.

With this meat a dish of spiced or pickled peaches, or a tart jelly, will harmonize admirably.

Pork tender-loin may be prepared and braised in the same manner.