Handling cakes - To turn out a cake from a tin without breaking, wrap a damp cloth around it for a few moments. This will prevent its sticking to the tin.

Icing cake - Cake icing will not crack when cut, if a little thick cream is added to it. Allow 1 teaspoon of cream to each white of egg. Before icing a cake, rub the top over with flour. This will make the icing stick more firmly. If you wish the icing to stand up, round the edge of the top, pin a band of oiled paper round it before icing.

Blanching almonds - Put them in a stewpan with enough cold water to cover, and bring quickly to a boil. Strain, rinse them in cold water, and rub them in a clean cloth. The skins will then come off easily.

Pounding almonds - When pounding almonds add a few drops of cold water, or they are liable to oil. Almonds already pounded can be bought in tins, or by the pound. In any case they need to be stored in tins, as any paper left in contact with them absorbs oil.