Oranges, 6,

Granulated sugar, 1/2 pound,

Water, 1 cup,


Slice the oranges in pieces about a quarter of an inch thick. Remove all the pulp, and soak the rinds overnight in water sufficient to cover them. The water should be cold, and add to it salt in proportion of a flat tablespoon of salt to a quart of water.

In the morning put the rind on to boil, in fresh water, and cook until tender but not broken; then put the pieces on a sieve to dry.

Prepare a syrup of the granulated sugar and a cup of water, and boil until it begins to thicken, but is not at the crackling stage.

Dip the pieces of peel into the brandy, and then dip them into the syrup, which must be kept hot until the pieces have all been dipped and dried two or three times.

The next day reheat the syrup, and dip the pieces again, several times, and repeat this for 3 days, then dry off the pieces, and pack in tin boxes, with waxed paper between each layer of peel.