Round steak, 2 pounds,

Flour, 4 tablespoons,

Garlic bud, 1,

Melted butter, or drippings, 2 tablespoons,

Dried Chilli peppers, 4 pods,


Remove all seeds from the pepper pods. Soak the pods in a pint of warm water until they are soft, then scrape the pulp from the skin into the water, discarding the skins and saving the pulp and the water.

Cut the steak into small pieces, and cook in a hot frying-pan with 2 tablespoons of melted butter, or drippings, until well browned.

Add the flour and mix thoroughly, then add the sliced garlic and the pint of chilli water. Simmer about 2 hours; or until the meat is tender; adding hot water if needed. When done, the sauce should be of good consistency. Season to taste, with salt.