Chocolate Almonds, No. 1

Sweet chocolate, Almonds, Vanilla extract.

Blanch the almonds. Grate or shave the chocolate into a bowl, set in a pan of boiling water. When the chocolate is melted put an almond on the point of a darning needle, and dip it into the melted chocolate. Then lay it on greased paper to dry. After all the nuts have been dipped and dry, dip a second time and a third time if so desired.

Chocolate Almonds, No. 2

Vanilla chocolate, 1/2 pound, Butter, 2 tablespoons, Almonds.

Put the chocolate into a pan over boiling water, and when melted, stir in the butter, and add 2 tablespoons of boiling water.

The almonds, which have already been blanched, should have been dried between towels, and roasted in the oven till a light brown.

Dip the almonds into the coated mixture, and drop on paraffin paper to harden.