Chocolate Fudge, No. 1

Unsweetened chocolate, 1 cake, Brown sugar, 3 pounds, Milk, 1 cup, Butter, 1/2 pound, Vanilla, 1 teaspoon.

Let the sugar, milk, and butter come to a boil, then add the cake of chocolate, and boil further till it thickens. Try it in water. Take from the fire, and season with vanilla.

Beat it till creamy - for about 5 minutes. Cool in a shallow pan, and mark it in squares before it hardens.

Chocolate Fudge, No. 2

Chocolate, 1 pound, Sugar, 2 pounds, Milk, or cream, 1 cup, Butter, 1/8 pound, Vanilla, 1 teaspoon, Salt, a large pinch.

Dissolve the chocolate over the tea-kettle, then mix with it the sugar and cream, or milk, and return to the stove. After it comes to a boil stir in the butter and a large pinch of salt.

Boil till the mixture forms a very soft ball when dropped into cold water. It should have just consistency enough not to go to pieces when handled.

Beat it vigorously, stirring in the vanilla, and when the candy has slightly cooled, pour it into buttered pans, and when almost set, mark it in squares with a knife.

This also makes good icing for a chocolate cake.