Rich milk, 1 pint,

Grated chocolate, 1 small cup,

Granulated sugar, 5 tablespoons,

Eggs, 3,

Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon,

Whipped cream, 1 pint,

Finely chopped ice, 2 cups,

Apollinaris water,

Vanilla meringue.

Put the milk in a double boiler, and when almost boiling, stir in the chocolate, mixed with a little of the milk when cold. Also add the granulated sugar, and allow to boil till quite thick.

Remove from the fire, and while still warm, beat in the eggs and vanilla extract.

Place on ice until very cold, then stir in, lightly, the whipped cream and the chopped ice, diluting to the proper consistency with apollinaris water. Serve from tall cups that have been frosted with a vanilla meringue.