Claret Cup, No. 1

Claret, 1 quart, Brandy, 2 liqueur-glasses, Benedictine, or Curacao, 2 liqueur-glasses, Lemons, 2, Siphon soda, 1 quart,

Cucumber rind, 1, sliced, Mint, 4 stalks, Sugar, ice.

Mix well and serve in a high pitcher, with the cucumber rind and the mint at the top.

Champagne cup and Rhine-wine cup are made in the same manner by substituting those wines for the claret.

Claret Cup, No. 2

Sugar, 1/2 pound, Lemons, 3, Brandy, 1/2 tumbler, Mint, 2 sprigs, Green cucumber, 1, Claret, 2 quarts, Vichy, or seltzer, 2 bottles, Pineapple, strawberry, Ice, orange.

Dissolve the sugar in enough water to melt it and then allow it to cool. Place it in a large punch-bowl, and add to it the brandy and the lemon-juice. Whip this to a foam, then add the thin-cut rind of the lemon, the sprigs of mint, and the rind of the cucumber cut in strips, a quart of chipped ice, and the 2 quarts of claret and lastly the carbonated-water - either vichy or seltzer.

Stand the bowl in a larger one of chipped ice, cover the surface with slices of lemon, orange, pineapple, cut in little pieces, and a few strawberries.

The punch may be put into a large pitcher if more convenient ; in either case, serve in glass cups.