Salt codfish, 1 pound, Potatoes, 6, Milk, 1 pint, Butter, 2 tablespoons, Eggs, 2.

Boil the fish, changing the water once, so that it may not be too salty. While still hot, pick it fine, so that it is feathery. This cannot be done with a fork, but must be done with the fingers. At the same time have ready hot potatoes, boiled. Mash them well, and make them creamy with milk and butter. To 3 cups of the mashed potatoes take 1 1/2 cups of fish. The fish should not be packed down. Beat the eggs lightly, and stir them into the other ingredients.

Then beat well together the whole mixture, till light; then mold it into small balls, handling it lightly, and before frying, roll the balls in flour.

Fry in a basket. The pot must be deep enough to allow the fat to cover them well.