Large currants, or gooseberries, 1 pound, Currant, or gooseberry juice, 1 pint, Sugar, 3 pounds.

Select a pound of the largest and finest berries, and stem them without breaking. From the other ordinary berries make 1 pint of juice, first warming, then bruising and then squeezing out the juice.

Put half a cup of this juice in the preserving kettle and add to it the sugar, and bring slowly to a boil. Skim carefully.

After boiling 5 minutes, drop the large berries that have been retained, carefully into the syrup, and let them simmer for 5 minutes. Take them from the syrup without breaking, and then boil the syrup for 5 minutes, or still longer if it is not very thick, as currants are some times less juicy than at others.

When the syrup is thick, skim well, and strain through a hot cloth, over the fruit. Put it in jelly glasses, and when cold, cover with hot paraffin, and paste paper over all. Keep in a dark place.