This, the great dish of the East, originated in India. Rice, any kind of meat, fish, or game may be used; but the accompaniments or sauces are really what make the dish.

The rice should be well boiled and served in a separate dish.

Place in a stewpan a pint of finely cut (not chopped) meat, one gill of milk, or stock, and to this add soft peppers and two teaspoons of curry powder. Let this simmer for 10 or 15 minutes. This should be served in a separate dish.

The rice should be put on the plates and the curry later over it.

With this should be served the following: Dried fish, or "Bombay duck" (in America a good substitute for "Bombay duck" is dried herring) - sweet, sour, and spiced pickles of all kinds, grated cocoanut, finely chopped hard-boiled eggs, and chutney sauce.

The best body for curry is made from chicken, lamb or lobster. Curry powder, itself, is compounded of turmeric, coriander seed, ginger and Cayenne pepper, to which salt, cloves, cardamons, pounded cinnamon, onions, garlic and scraped cocoanut are added - the latter, "coprath," being only the vehicle or body to carry the various other condiments.