The omelette, like the pie, can be made of anything which "takes kindly to flavoring." Eggs may be combined with good results with fish, meat, vegetables, cheese, etc., and the variety of sweet omelettes is endless. Sugar, jam or any kind of preserves, or fruits, and also rum, can be used in combination to make very tasteful omelettes.

A simple method of making an omelette is to break four eggs into a bowl, season with salt and pepper, and beat lightly until well broken. Place on a fire, which while glowing is yet not too fierce, the omelette pan, and dissolve in it 2 level tablespoons of butter - you should always allow half a tablespoon of butter for each additional egg you may use.

Let the butter froth up well, or, as the cooks say, "fritter in the pan." When you pour in the egg mixture let it cook for a few seconds - not minutes - until a film of cooked egg has formed in the bottom of the pan. Then with a flexible knife lift the edge of the omelette, and if a puff of steam escapes at this point, near the knife, tilt the pan, so as to let as much of the egg as is still liquid run under the omelette, repeating this process until there is no liquid left.

Loosen the omelette on all sides, fold it over, slide it from the pan onto a platter, and serve at once.

The above is for a simple omelette. Any omelettes requiring seasoning should have the seasoning mixed with the eggs before they are placed in the omelette pan; and in case of a sweet omelette, in which there is a sauce, filling, or fruit, this should be placed in the center of the omelette, just before it is folded over, and the outside of the omelette dusted with sugar.

The following is a partial list of materials which are suitable for combination with eggs, for making omelettes:

Fish (cold boiled), ham, chicken, veal, oysters, shrimps, onions, lamb, etc., tomatoes, green beans, peas, mushrooms, cheese, etc., etc.

With sweet omelettes: Jams, preserves of any kind, fruits, and rum.

The same combinations may be used with eggs for a scramble, but while the same results may be obtained as regards flavor, the omelette is more attractive, and seems more inviting. However, eggs scrambled with meats or vegetables may be served on toast, and thus make a more finished dish.