Gelatin, 1/2 box,

Rice, 1/2 cup,

Figs, 2,

Dates, 4,

Preserved ginger, chopped, 3 pieces,

Orange juice,

Lemon juice,

Cream, 1 pint,

Pulverized sugar, 2/3 cup.

Cover the gelatin with a cup of cold water, let it soak for half an hour. Boil the rice in plenty of salted water for 25 minutes. Drain.

Cut the figs, dates, and ginger into small pieces, mix and cover them with a little lemon- and orange-juice, and add also a dessert-spoonful of the juice from the preserved ginger, and let the fruit soak for half an hour. Whip the cream to a stiff, dry froth, dissolve the gelatin over hot water, and add it, and also the sugar to the cream. Also add the fruit and the rice.

Stir from the bottom toward the top, till the pudding begins to form; then turn it into individual molds, previously-wet with cold water, and put them away in a cool place to solidify.