As fondant forms the base for many candies, it is of importance that in the making of such candies care in making the fondant be always exercised.

Fondant can be used at any time for the foundation of candies; when any of this mixture is left over in candy-making, it can be used after the lapse of time.

The regular formula for making fondant is as follows:

Granulated sugar, 1 pound, Water, 1/2 pint, Flavoring.

Place a graniteware or enameled stewpan over the fire - not next to the blaze - and stir in the sugar and water, constantly stirring until all the sugar is dissolved. Then let the syrup boil for from 5 to 6 minutes, trying it by dropping a few drops into a glass of cold water. When it will form soft balls in the fingers take it from the fire and pour the syrup into a large platter that has been cooled in cold water.

When the syrup begins to thicken and cool, beat it rapidly with a wooden spoon. Add any desired flavoring before this beating.

After having beaten until white, knead it with the fingers, as kneading dough. This will cause the fondant to become smooth and of good consistency, which will enable it to be easily shaped to suit one's fancy.