Fillet of veal, 4 pounds, Larding pork, Onion, 1, small, Carrot, 1, small, Turnip, 1, small, Bay leaf, 1, Parsley, 1 sprig, Celery, 1 stalk, Hot stock, 1 quart.


Butter, 1 tablespoon,

Flour, 2 tablespoons,

Gravy (strained from the pan), 1 pint,

Tomato catsup, or mushroom catsup, 1 tablespoon, Pepper, or Worcestershire.

Trim the veal round and skewer into shape. Lard the upper side. Cut the onion, carrot, and turnip into shapes with a vegetable cutter, and put them in the bottom of the braising-pan with one bay leaf, one sprig of parsley, and one stalk of celery.

Lay the fillet on top of this, with the larded side up, and pour over it 1 quart of hot stock. Put the lid on the braising-pan and bake in a moderate oven for 2 hours. When done remove the fillet, and strain the gravy from the pan.

Garnish with cut vegetables and parsley, and serve with a sauce made as follows:

Brown 1 tablespoon of butter, add 2 tablespoons of flour, and stir until smooth and brown. Add 1 pint of the gravy which has been strained from the fricandeau, and stir con-tinually until it thickens. When ready to serve the saner, add to it 1 tablespoon of tomato- or mushroom-catsup.

Season the sauce if necessary, but pepper is rarely needed when Worcestershire sauce is used.

In summer, peas or other seasonable vegetables may be used.