Flour, 2 cups,

Sugar, 1/3 cup,

Butter, 3 level tablespoons,

Milk, 1/3 cup,

Egg, 1,

Baking-powder, 1 teaspoon.

Mix all the dry ingredients. Rub the butter in with the finger-tips until it crumbles. Beat the egg into the milk, then stir it into the flour with a fork. Place on a well-floured board and roll it a little thicker than a pie crust.

Line the sides and bottom of deep layer-cake tins, selecting those having movable sides. For filling, use any small fresh fruit that is in season - halved and stoned plums, sliced apples, peaches, etc.

Sugar the fruit liberally, and if desired, pour a custard of 1 egg to half a cupful of rich milk or cream, over it before baking. When ready for serving take off the rim of the tin and leave the tart on the bottom sheet; sprinkle with confectioner's sugar, or if suited to the fruit, heap with whipped cream.