Gum arabic, 1 pound, White sugar, 1 pound, Cornstarch and flavoring, Granulated sugar, Coloring if desired.

Dissolve the gum arabic in a pint and a half of water, strain, and add the pound of white sugar, and heat till all the sugar is dissolved. Flavor to taste, and color all, or a part of it if so desired. The flavoring and coloring should be added to the mixture while it is warm.

When about the consistency of honey, fill a shallow pan with cornstarch, then take a rounded stick, the size the gum-drop is desired to be, and make little indentations in the cornstarch.

Fill a thin-lipped pitcher with the mixture, and pour it gently into these starch-molds, cutting the stream with a wire.

When all the molds are filled, set the pan in a warm place for several days, till the drops are hardened enough to handle; then take them out of the molds and dampen them a little, and shape in granulated sugar.