The following mixture will keep the hair curled:

Gum arabic, 1 ounce, Moist sugar, 1/2 ounce, Hot water, 3/4 pint, Alcohol, 2 fluid ounces, Bichlorid of mercury, 6 grains, Sal-ammoniac, 6 grains.

The mercury and sal-ammoniac should be dissolved in the alcohol before mixing with the other ingredients. At the last add enough water to make the whole mixture measure 1 pint.

Perfume with cologne or lavender water. Moisten the hair with the fluid before putting it in papers or curlers.

This is too strong a solution to be applied repeatedly, as it would surely have a destructive effect on the hair follicles, and for that reason it should not be applied too frequently, nor at too short intervals. An occasional use, however, is practically harmless.