To remove mildew from linen rub the linen well with soap, and then add a scraping of fine chalk. Cover well with the soap and chalk, and rub it well into the fabric. Put it in the air, and as it dries keep moistening it again. After two or three applications of the chalk and soap, the mildew will disappear.

Another method of removing mildew is by using chlorid of lime. For strong fabrics dissolve 4 tablespoons of dry chlorid of lime in half a pint of water, and let the mildewed article lie in this for 15 minutes; then wring it out gently, and put it into weak muriatic acid solution made of 1 part of muriatic acid and 4 parts of water.

For delicate fabrics the above solution of chlorid would be too strong, therefore the solution should be made of only 1 part of chlorid of lime to 12 parts of water, and furthermore the fabric should not be allowed to remain in the solution longer than & minutes.