Flank steak, 2 pounds, Fresh, or canned tomatoes, 1 quart, Small potatoes, 1 quart, Onions, medium size, 4, Salt and pepper.

Cut the steak into small cubes and arrange it on the bottom of a flat-bottomed kettle. Season with salt and pepper, and cover it with a layer of sliced onion, then more meat, and so on, until the dish is as full as desired.

Add sufficient cold water to show just above the meat, and then put the kettle over the fire and let it come to a boil.

Have at hand either canned or fresh tomatoes, allowing a pint of tomatoes to every pound of meat. Pour the tomatoes on top of the kettle, but do not stir. Now push the kettle back on the stove, and let it simmer gently for 2 hours or longer, if necessary, to make the meat perfectly tender.

The potatoes should be small, and peeled and put into the kettle, pushing the meat aside, if necessary, to make room for them.

Cook 15 minutes longer after you put in the potatoes, and then serve.