Cold boiled fresh tongue, 2 pounds

(chopped very fine), Finely chopped suet, 1 pound, Tart apples, finely chopped, 5 pounds, Seeded raisins, 2 pounds, Sultana raisins, 1 pound, Cleaned currants, 2 pounds, Shredded citron, 1 pound, Powdered cinnamon, 2 tablespoons, Mace, 2 tablespoons, Cloves, 1 tablespoon, Allspice, 1 tablespoon, Salt, 1 tablespoon, Brown sugar, 3 pounds, Sherry, 1 quart, Brandy, 1 pint.

Chop fine the larger ingredients, mix well together, and pack in a stone crock. If sealed in glass fruit-jars it will keep indefinitely.