Lobster, 1 large, or 2 small,

Salad oil, 1 cup,

Cream, 1/2 cup (whipped very light),

Lemon (juice only), 1,

Eggs (yolks only), 2,

Vinegar, 4 tablespoons,

Powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon,

Mustard (wet with vinegar), 1 teaspoon,

Salt, 1 teaspoon, Lettuce leaves.

Beat the eggs till light, adding to them while beating, the sugar, salt, mustard, and pepper, and then very gradually, the oil. When the mixture is quite thick, whip in the lemon-juice, and beat about 5 minutes more before putting in the vinegar.

Just before the salad goes to the table, add half of the whipped cream to this dressing, and stir in well the cut lobster-meat.

Line the salad bowl with lettuce leaves, and put in the seasoned meat, and cover all with the remainder of the whipped cream.