Mayonnaise Dressing, No. 1

Eggs, 2 yolks, Olive oil, 1 pint, Vinegar, 4 tablespoons, Made mustard, 1 teaspoon, Salt, 1/2 teaspoon, Cayenne, a dash.

Beat the yolks and put them in a bowl with the mustard and the dash of cayenne. Mix well together; and add, slowly, drop by drop, the oil. When the mixture is well beaten then add the vinegar, the salt being last put in.

Much of the success depends on the ingredients being cold; and a silver fork is best to do the beating.

Mayonnaise Dressing, No. 2

Olive oil, 1 1/2 cups,

Vinegar, 1/2 cup,

Made mustard, 1 teaspoon,

Egg, 1 (yolk),

Salt, 1 teaspoon.

Place the yolk of the egg in a bowl and to it add the mustard. Mix well together, then add the oil, drop by drop, stirring constantly. When thick add slowly the vinegar, and lastly the salt.

If the dressing is to be kept for any length of time omit the salt until just before putting over the salad.

The yolk of a hard-boiled egg may be used instead of the raw egg. Also lemon-juice may be used in place of vinegar. To obtain the best results the bowl and the ingredients should be cold. When the oil is added to the egg and mustard, should it curdle, then take another yolk, and to it add the mixture and beat until smooth.