Mint Julep, No. 1

Whisky, 1/2 gill, Sugar, 1 teaspoon, French brandy, a dash, Cracked ice, Mint.

Fill a tall thin glass with finely cracked ice, and leave it for a few moments to become frosted on the outside. In another glass put the whisky, crush slightly the mint sprigs, so that its flavor will be imparted to the drink, add the sugar, and stir the mixture. No water must be used, as the melting ice will give all desired.

Pour this mixture into the tall glass, add a dash of French brandy, if at hand, trim the glass with a little sheaf of mint on one side, and put in a strawberry or a cherry to give it color.

Mint Julep, No. 2

Sugar, 1 cup, Mint, 6 sprigs,

Strawberry juice, 1 gill, Lemons, the juice of 4, Cold water, 2 cups, Boiling water, 1 cup, Raspberry juice, 1 gill, Cracked ice.

Boil the cold water and the sugar for 20 minutes, crush the mint, and pour the boiling water upon it, and allow it to stand 10 minutes, and then pour it into the syrup. To this add the strawberry, raspberry- and lemon-juices, and serve cold with the cracked ice.

Mint Julep, No. 3

Mint, 4 sprigs,

Whisky or brandy, 1 liqueur-glass,

Powdered sugar, 1/2 teaspoon,

Mint, 4 sprigs,

Seltzer, a dash,

Cracked ice.

Bruise 2 sprigs of the mint, place them in a mixing-glass, add the sugar and a dash of seltzer. Fill the tumbler with cracked ice, add the brandy or whisky, stir, shake well, and serve with a sprig or two on top.