Cucumbers, sliced, 1 quart,

Green tomatoes, sliced, 1 quart,

Small onions, 1 quart,

Cauliflower, large, 1,

Green peppers, chopped fine, 4,

Salt, 1 pint,

Flour, 1 cup,

Ground mustard, 6 tablespoons,

Turmeric, 1 tablespoon,

Vinegar, 2 quarts,

Sugar, 1 cup.

Slice the tomatoes and cucumbers, divide the cauliflower into flowerets, and chop the peppers fine. Leave the small onions whole.

Make the brine of 4 quarts of water and 1 pint of salt, and pour it over the vegetables mixed, and let it soak for 24 hours.

Heat it just enough to scald, and turn all into a colander to drain.

Mix the flour, mustard, and turmeric with enough cold vinegar to make a smooth paste, add to it the cup of sugar, and enough more vinegar to make 2 quarts in all.

Boil the mixture till it thickens and is smooth, then add the vegetables, and cook till heated well all through.